MS In Canada

Canada is very large country with less population density. Canada share very large land border with Unites states and that is the strategic importance of Canada. Canada is considered to be one of the wealthiest nations with its great natural resources, but this country does not have enough skilled man power to exploit the Resources. Based on the UN survey Canada has been ranked consistently for the last 15 years as one of the top ten places to live.  Canada has particularly been ranked for its excellent Public Education system; excellent government supported Health care System and a very low crime rate. Canada is relatively peaceful, safe and orderly country.

Unlike USA which has more than 4000 universities, there are only 83 Universities in Canada.  These Universities are regulated by the Provincial government.  The global recession which hit USA in big way has put Canada in a strategically important position because of the land border with USA.  Because of certain Political issues USA was unable get the skilled talent through its immigration, which it has done successfully for centuries. In fact USA needs highly skilled and creative talent to pull itself out of this economic mess.  Canada has played its cards carefully to its advantage. Canada has relaxed its visa regulation to get the talent into its college education system especially from countries like India by introducing new visa systems like SPP and made its immigration system faster. This has created a huge pool of talent in Canada and at the cities on the Border of USA started buzzing. Typical Example is Microsoft starting its centre in the Border city of Vancouver, just 50 miles across the border to its world Head Quarters at Redmond.  This in nut shell, Canada is supplying the trained manpower generated through its education system to US companies, which in turn propelled Canadian Economic growth.

While the College is system is huge in Canada, the University systems offering MS in Canada is just enough to cater to its domestic needs. Out of its 80 odd Universities, about half of them does offer MS in Canada, but offer Undergraduate Programs. French being the prime Official in Certain Provinces, the number universities offering MS in Canada has further been reduced. This leads to situation where the number admissions available for MS in Canada for International students are very limited. Admission to MS in Canada Universities is highly competitive and as a guide line we do not entertain applicants whose academics in graduation is less than 65%. We advise the students whose academics are not good enough to apply for PG Diplomas in SPP colleges, where the Visa approval rate is very high. Also PG diploma holders get into similar pay scales and get same 5 points as Masters Degree holder when applying to Immigration.


With over 20 years of experience in Overseas Education help students for MS in Canada-

  • Selection of Universities based on the Academic background of the student.
  • Make sure applications are filled properly and submit.
  • Constant follow up with Universities to get admission decision quickly.
  • Pre Departure briefing
  • Any further help student may need after arriving at the University


Advantages of MS in Canada

  • MS in Canada fee is very competitive compared to any other country and there is huge Research funding available for MS in Canada for students who are interested in Research.
  • Admission for MS in Canada requirement is  very high.
  • MS in Canada requires TOEFL / IELTS, while GRE is may not be required in some Universities.
  • Access to US Job Market in addition to Canadian Jobs.  Many Us Companies do hire students from Canadian campuses.
  • MS in Canada requires some time to do Internship or Co Op in between the studying Universities, which is a great Opportunity.
  • Both off and on campus Jobs are permitted while studying MS in Canada. While the limit is 20 hours per week while University in session, student can work full time during vacation.
  • Work permit up to 3 years for 2 year courses or above and equal to duration of study for less than 2 year courses. The employer can also apply for Work permit on hiring.
  • MS in Canada Universities give 5 points for applying to PR.

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